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Ride Out Day @ Blade

After checking the weather forecast for a 100 mile radius of Reading, Steve arrived to be the Ride Out leader accompanied by Keith and Alan. With the formalities of the paperwork swiftly dealt with it was time for the first bikes to be tested. Steve grabbed the NC700 (After commenting that the pillion pad was too small. Iím not sure what Hazel would make of that......), Keith made a beeline for the CBR600RR and Alan opted for the CB1100.

After a sedate trip via an assortment of roads the guys returned with their verdicts. Keith needed traction after the CBR although he seemed convinced it was capable of at least 124 mph, not that he exceeded 70 during the trip....... (He claimed not to be able to see the speedo due to reflection from the screen.) Steve likened riding the NC to driving a diesel car owing to its low revving engine. Alan was smiling so the CB didnít do him any lasting damage.

Next time out, Steve went for the NC700X to compare it to the C, Keith took the NC700C and Alan the CB500.

Once again, the bikes were tested on a variety of roads with no surprises, although Steve once again criticised the pillion pad, this time for being the wrong shape. (We must have a closer look at Hazel during the next meeting to check exactly what he was referring to.)

Fortunately Steveís next choice, the ST1300, appeared to be amply suitable for carrying a pillion.......

Many thanks to Gareth for allowing us access to the bikes, and to Andy for his help.

Three amigos.jpg

Jeremy, Richard & James


Keith CBR.jpg

Andy showing Keith where the back wheel is kept.



Anyone remember ĎStreethawkí?



At last, a bike with a wide enough pillion seat...



Not everything appreciates an immaculate VFR.














































































































































































































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