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Ironbridge Aug 10

Bob arranged another trip to The Brewery in Coalport where we were well looked after by our host Roger. Bob & Rachel travelled over after their Ireland holiday on the Friday to join Dave & Edith and Alan who arrived late that day. On the Saturday they were joined by Taz, Bryan & Colleen, Ian & Angie and Dave & Diane (who joined us after their week in Wales). We all met in the Boat pub which frequently floods and has a chart on its front door with dates and depths of water. A gentle walk back to The Brewey for dinner and then much drinking, joviality and side-splitting to finish the day. Ladies slept upstairs and the chaps slept in the bar (poor things!). A hearty breakfast next day and off for a walk through the woods (led by Rachel) to Ironbridge for the afternoon. Weather was dry and warm so plenty of liquids and ice-creams were taken on baord. Finally time to return home. Bob led us from Coalport, through Bridgenorth, Kidderminster, Birdlip and then home our respective ways. All agreed it should be an annual event.
Feeding frenzy
Harry and Roger having a pint!
If you go down to the woods today ....
Ironbridge - the purpose of our visit
mmmm ..... ice creams
Reading HOC in front of the ironbridge!
Having a drink in The Boat - the motley crew!
Tea boy Alan!

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