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Millau Viaduct - October 2010

Our 1st International Ride-out. 10 of us on 9 bikes took the plunge and decided to head off to the Millau Viaduct in the south of France. After weeks of planning the day had arrived. Our first evening was spent at the Travel Lodge in Ashford ready to be at Folkestone Tunnel for our morning departure. Our journey would take us through Rouen (during the rush hour!) to our first overnight stop at La Lune Guesthouse in Le Mans but what a journey it was to get there! Briefly, Gavin had trouble turning his engine off and could only do this by dropping the side stand, then Taz ran out of oil, Gavin had further trouble with his lights not working, then poor Gavin again got a puncture!! By this time we had been riding in the most atrocious wind and rain for several hours. Our arrival time at La Lune was to be approx. 6pm, however the first 4 turned up at 8.30pm, the second group arrived around 10.30pm with the final few arriving round 11.30pm. Our lovely host & hostess still fed and watered each of us on arrival with very tasty food and copious amounts of wine. Dave will vouch that there was nothing wrong with the wine! By this time, 2 of the group decided to go no further as the weather was not improving. By the next day Gavin had no luck replacing his tyre so the remaining 6 set off for the 2nd B&B. On the 3rd day, the Famous 6 set of for Millau and made it! Despite the weather conditions, they all agreed it was worth it. Back at La Lune, Gavin decided to set off back to Calais limping with his temporarily repaired puncture. Bryan & Colleen stayed a further night before heading back to Rouen to stay overnight before heading to Calais. The Famous 6 stayed a further night at Millau before heading back to La Lune for their final night before heading back to Calais where they met with Bryan and Colleen. With a quick stop at City Europe the adventurers boarded the train ready for the journey home. Everyone arrived back safe and sound - well apart from one who arrived a day later, but thats another story !!



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