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Ready to Ride - 17 April 2011


A last minute rideout to Ready to Ride at Haslemere fire station.

Taz, Stacey, Colin, Roger & Gavin met at the usual place and headed off
down some rather nice, if in need of repair roads, to see what freebies
they could get from Haslemere Fire station, Stacey was looking for
anything male in a uniform.

It was only a small event and after Burgers, of course, a drink, seeing
Chris and Marion at the HOC stand, arguing about the merits of the
Carver One, Colin trying to sell us Ultra Seal and listening out for
bikes about to blow up on the dyno. We decided that fish and chips was
needed so off to Brighton for sun sea sand and calories. A short stroll
along the promenade and food purchased we sat on the pebbles filling our
faces. Taz appeared to be trying to smuggle most of the beach away by
filling up his boots with pebbles! No day at the beach would be
complete without an ice cream of course so of along the pier with ice
creams melting in the sun and Colin complaining about not be able to see
any fish in the sea.

Then a stroll back to the bikes past the crazy golf where Taz and Stacey
reminisced about the amazing shots they had played there in years gone
by. Nearing the bikes we thought we spotted Bob but it was only the
scary, one toothed, face on the seafront train.

Ah woz a grand day out.





Bognor !!!!

Wooden bike anyone?

























The crew!

Ice cream !!!









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