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Ride to the Wall - October 2010

Whilst most of the club was busy sunning themselves on the continent going to look at a rusty bridge(!) Ian & Angie on the Golden Goddess and Mia on her trusty bike meet up at the Holiday Inn at High Wycombe, at a very early 7am with a pea soupa of a fog, to make their way up to Drayton Manor Park in Derbyshire for the assembly point of the Ride To The Wall.  The sun rose slowly as they made their way up the M40 and then decided to come out to play. By the time they made it to Warwick Services, it was a beautiful clear, sunny day - a bit like the French weather......NOT !!!
More and more bikes were being seen as they got closer to the starting point, where it turned into a stream of bikes entering the park.  Bikes of all shapes and makes were there, with an estimated 7,000 people being there.
At 11am, the bikes were set off in bunches, to ride the route which was lined with loads of people watching, cheering, clapping and waving flags, all the way up to the National Memorial Aboretum, where they all parked inside the grounds, to take part in the short service, and look around the beautiful grounds and gardens, and to pay their respects to the fallen.
This was a truly memorable day, one which will never be forgotten, and is certainly a ride to do. Look our for the announcement for next year and make sure you put it in your diaries for 2011.



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