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Bracknell Bowling Night

Once again it was time to unleash the Rabble on an unsuspecting public and have a night out at the bowling alley. As soon as the drinks arrived it was time for the fun to commence. Skittles were being knocked down with amazing accuracy, just not on the two lanes we were using.........

Still, what we lacked in ability was made up for in the variety of techniques being employed. Colleen’s attempt at using the ‘I’m wearing a see through T-shirt’ ploy failed badly as nobody seemed to notice except me. (No surprise there then.)

It was a fierce battle on both lanes, only interrupted for the inevitable food break, and the occasional mickey-taking.

In the first lane, Steve was the victor with Bryan coming second, whilst in the second lane the eventual overall winner, Allan, beat Geoff into second. In fairness to Geoff, his game went downhill after Colleen offered to polish his helmet......

The top three were -   1st Allan – 259, 2nd Geoff – 239, and 3rd Steve - 219 , with the winner of the Spoon Of Shame being the lovely Jacquie with 119 points.

Check out the photos below, courtesy of Allan ‘The Three Fingered Marvel’ Jarvis.


The winner showing how it’s done



How NOT to do it.



Steve doing his ventriloquist act.



Hazel having a nibble.....



A good night was had by all.

















































































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