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Chips at Cromer - 25/26 June 2011


Ian's Ma and Pa had invited us all to camp in their garden. There was a promise of cake and cheese straws.....we were not to be dissapointed.

A nice ride over there, ably led by junior Worzel and his sat nag (Angie), with Colleen, Bryan, Mia, Dave. We were met by Dave and Di tucking into the cakes as we arrived.

The tents were raised and off we went into Cromer on the hunt for chips. A beer or two first then there it was.... the queue for chips. Patient as ever we waited until they were servved up. Very good they were too.

Breakfast was a veritable feast of bacon rolls, sausages, cakes, a constant stream of food delivered by Ma and Pa Worzel.... the best campsite i have been to!!!

After breakfast we set off to meet the Norfolk branch and another club known to the Worzels. The ride down to Hunstanton was on a great road, unfortunately a coule of the local bikes decided that a ditch was a better place to ride than the road, luckily no one baldy hurt. Dave Wiffen decided this was the time to start his bid for a new bike by breaking down, with smells of burning wires coming from the bike. The RAC obliged with an air conditioned vehicle to take Dave and the sad bike home. The rest of us left the locals at Hunstanton and rode home in the searing heat. A great weekend was had by one and all. Our thanks again to the campsite hosts.






The bikes at Worzels !!!!



























The campsite!


Colleen leaving a note!!!









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