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Easter Monday - 25 April 2011


Tale of 2 Diners

After an impromptu posting on Facebook by Bananman, 7 bikes and 8 members rolled up at BP on Easter Monday to attend the “Tale of 2 Diners” Gavin took to the helm to lead us to our first stop, Nelsons Diner, now a firm favourite of the clubs with its scrummy Milkshakes, Dave “O” brought up the rear, albeit on his Suzuki. After peeling off after a very short stretch of the A33, it was the back roads to the diner, leading us passed Aldermarston and the outskirts of Woolhampton. Newer member Tom decided to check out the leaning capabilities of the Rune, the only other means of transport bigger than this is of course the new Airbus A380. Needles to say, with the ground clearance of a fag paper, the Runes foot-peg took to the floor making that ever recognizable sound of metal scraping tarmac; we can only assume lessons had been taught to Tom by Mr O’Donohue.
Despite it being still fairly early in the day, we arrived at Nelsons to find plenty of bikes already parked up and Tom checked his footpeg; all was in order. After sampling virtually every Milkshake on the menu between us, it was onwards and upwards (or rather downwards) to the Hilltop Diner on the A30 taking in some of the best roads the club has ridden on yet. With more twists and turns than a series of Poirot, the bikes tyres outer edges were certainly getting put through their paces.
On arrival at the diner, a few members from Wiltshire branch were already munching their way through the menu; luckily for us, their appetite isn’t as big as ours though as the Diner did have some food left. Most went for the burger option, Bob of course upgraded to the normal breakfast fantasia whilst a more “tamer” member of the group opted for soup, we did give (Tom) the suitable ribbing but it was explained to us that there was a rather large meal waiting for him at home. We informed him that there should have at least been some sort of dead animal in the soup but in Tom’s defence there was only Leek and Potato on offer.
Having been suitably topped up with our own fuel, the homeward bound part of the journey via Hungerford and some more good roads commenced. Bob and Hyacinth peeled off to make the most of the day and do their own thing. The ride home wasn’t without mishap as unfortunately Ian decided to do a “Gavin and Bryan” and pick up a puncture. At least unlike Millau we did have the weather on our side this time and Dave “O” came to the rescue with a nifty kit from Heine Gericke and the hole was soon plugged with us on our way again in under ten minutes.

For once, the tyre was at the end of its life on Ians bike and so not too costly to replace. Ian was put up front to set the pace and members peeled off when they wanted to. Gavin remained behind Ian until home to make sure all was well; another successful and enjoyable day out for the Reading Rabble all in all with thanks going to Gavin for finding and leading the route.


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