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Reading Ride Out to Sue Ryder Care, Nettlebed, 14.06.09

Sunday 14th June was the day of sunshine ordered for our rideout. We set off from the Swan at 12.00 down to Kingsclere where we all managed a rather delicious milkshake, One or two of the party managed breakfast (TAZ), of course it was early in the day. As we sat in the sun we watched a glider or two circling in the thermals, perhaps Mick had secretly joined us?


On to the H café we went. Colleen bringing up the rear as ‘tail end Charlie’. This was her first ride out with the club, and she managed pretty well to keep up, well done her!!!


As we came through Abingdon there were quite a few sirens, wondered whether they were after Taz? Turned out afterwards there had been a glider/plane crash, not caused by us I must add.


A nice cool drink at the café, there were quite a few bikes around….. they must have known we were coming!!


On to Sue Rider for some rather nice cakes and tea. It really is a nice setting for anyone who has not been there. Marion was already there to meet us too. We had a few words with Jo of Sue Rider who was pleased to see us there.


Many thanks to Colin - Fireblade, Ian – CBF1000, Taz and Stacey – Varadero (1000), Gavin – CBF600, Bob and Jane - Pan, Collen – Varadero (125) Bryan – CBF1000 For turning up and making it an enjoyable day out.

Time for a break


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