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Windsor show - 11-13 March 2011


Well it feels like only yesterday since Reading was manning the first Leisure show and here we are again at a successful second! With the help once again of Gareth and his team from Reading Honda for helping us to ship our Gazebo and other new goodies to the show, set up day had arrived with the General in command, our very own Erica, manning the boats and getting stuck in along with Vicki and Ren. The weather on this occasion had decided to be a bit better though not without firstly faltering our attempts to set up on the Thursday afternoon before the show. Our burger munching monster, Aka Alan, was stuck on the M4 due to an accident though there were whispers that he’d actually got himself wedged in at the local burger bar having consumed their entire stock. None the less, we thank Alan for his valiant efforts on getting to the show on the Saturday looking somewhat fuller however. During the day, he even managed to buy a new dining table set at the show for his good wife, the things you have to do these days to be allowed out with the motley Reading crew.
Saturday started off well with a bottle of Mer going over me old “Blackbird” as always, egged on by the spectators supping piping hot cups of Tea and Coffee with the usual comments of you missed a bit, and another bit and so on and so forth. We also found out that Mia likes to use lots of different types of polish on her bits as well. Dibble and Graham Gull were there with their steeds along with Mia and Roger. Visits came from as far as the South Wales branch of the HOC, along with Graham from oop north.  Dave and Edith doing their babysitting for the day came along and visited too, there didn’t appear to be any Red wine but we know that the hot dogs were “a bit of alright”!
Worzel was of course brightening up the dull start to the Sunday with the huge Golden blob, he’d even managed to clean the plastics on it too, and not before time. I finally managed to roll my backside out the pit during the course of the morning (well, it was Sunday after all) and join the rest of the gang. Over the course of the weekend, we also had visits from a rather large red setter and noticed it happened to have Hazel attached to the other end with Geoff, Jackie and Steve not following on far behind of course. The show overall seemed to be smaller than last year despite meaning to be bigger but that didn’t stop plenty of people coming along. A few people showed interest in joining the HOC and plenty of families enjoyed plonking their little cherubs on our supply of bikes.  The club purchased a 6 metre flag pole at the show; early indications dictate that Angie can’t be flown from it unless she gets a prop up from her broomstick so instead we’ll be getting our very own Reading flag to fly proudly from it at rallies etc.
An end to the show saw us getting approached by a gliding school from Wycombe and there appears to be some interest in this, including Hobbit No. 2, which is of course Angie now since Colleen has taken “pole position” on this one. This is something we shall look forward to doing during the course of the late summer evenings.

Thanks to everyone who came along and supported the show, here’s looking forward to next year.






The bird !!!!

Mia and Stacey --- The real Birds!!!

























The bikes and the tent !

Ready for the hoards !!!









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