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Winter Warmer 09 January 2011


10 Bikes and 11 people including two new HOC members all braved the -3 degree temperature this morning we arrived at the meeting point for the 1st Ride Out of 2011 - the Winter Warmer Cafe Crawl, and to mark the start of the HOC 50th Anniversary.
Everyone set off at 10:45, a bit later than set time, but we were all too busy juice slinging at each other (well we hadn't seen each other for a year....) then Alan's bike decided that it was too cold and didn't want to play, so Worzel and Bob had to give him a push across the forecourt to get him going!  We think it was an excuse to save a bit of money on fuel so he could buy more food throughout the day.......
A short run along the M4 from Reading to Maidenhead for the 1st stopping point at Jenner's Cafe, Boulters Lock, where the car park was more like the skating rink on Dancing On Ice.  Bob nearly slipped over walking across it to the cafe.  There are rumours that Worzel had slipped over at the starting point, but as there is no video or photo evidence, then it's not true.
Here everyone got all excited once in the cafe at the sight of the menu, with Gavin going for "Burger #1" (a breakfast roll) and Bob going full hog with a full breakfast.  Our resident dustbin, Alan, scoffed his way through a whole Bakewell tart.  Taz apparently had a large slice of cake, but that disappeared very quickly, we think in one bite.  It was at this time that our new members that had joined us for their first ride out realised what we meant when we said food is the main part of our ride outs!
From here, it was a ride of about 25 minutes across to Henley On Thames for our lunch stop, where Bob had asked that due to the length of time, if we passed a Burger Van in a lay by, could we stop there as well.  Gavin had already complained that there was only 2 scheduled stops and he would not be able to get in his normal 3 burgers.....
We all parked up at the Riverside Car Park in Marlow, then walked along the river bank to the town centre, only to find empty parking bays right outside the Cartwheel pub where we could have all fitted in.  Once inside Weatherspoons, we realised that we didn't have The Guv with us to evict any people on tables that we needed, but people soon moved when we showed them Bob.  We all had a good feed, with Bob managing to upgrade a Spoon's meal, then walked back to the car park.
We set off and went round the town's one-way system to head off back over the river to Wargrave, where Roger decided to go the scenic route, but he soon came back with Alan the Tail End Charlie waving frantically at him.  Once through Wargrave, we all did our Red Arrows impression, and split off on our own ways back home.





The bikes in Henley

Alan has an audience before we go - discussing food I am sure!!!



Roger and his Bird






















Alan, giving instruction on food purchase.






Gavin gets his burger!









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